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Welcome to Sonora Motels

Summer 2013

    Sonora California is a favorite travel destination for many people. International tourists commonly travel to and stay overnight in Sonora on there way to Yosemite National Park. Another main type of visitor to Sonora Motels are vacationers from the California Bay Area region looking for a day or two away from the big city congestion. With the appeal of Sonora's rich history and close proximity to Yosemite, finding Sonora Motels accommodations can sometimes get a bit hectic.

Reasons to Visit Sonora California

Sonora played a key role in the gold rush -- 49ers days. The City of Sonora California was incorporated in 1851. With so much mining, logging, and railroad history, its easy to imagine the ghosts of the past as you tour Sonora California.

Sonora Motels Hotels Accommodation Tips

1.    RESERVATIONS It is well recommended you get reservations. A reservation is essential during peek tourist times, popular weekends, and holidays. Reservations are also essential if you have any particular needs. Some examples maybe: if you need a room with two double beds, or you need two rooms side by side, or you need RV parking. Also if you need a Sonora Motel that accepts pets.
2.    If your traveling from your Sonora Motel and you continue "up the mountain" during winter time you may encounter snow fall. Be prepared for snow conditions. If your staying in the City of Sonora you will be under the snow line.
3.    Know where your going, No matter what time of the year it is. Bring a map. Because the mountainous territory blocks your views of where you have been, you can not rely on your innate sense of direction.
4.    If your traveling from Nevada to Sonora during springtime make sure Sonora Pass is open. Sonora Pass is not to be confused with the City of Sonora. Sonora Pass is closed during winter and opens when conditions allow snow removal.
5.    Some international visitors that are on a whirlwind tour of America see Sonora as a pitstop place to sleep before going to Yosemite. But only do this if you have to, Sonora is a beautiful place and is worthy of a visit. Sonora-Jamestown-Columbia is the heart of goldrush history.
6.    If your a Northern California local don't try to see all that Sonora has to offer in one visit, enjoy slowly and come back again in the future.

Sonora Motels

Sonora Gold Lodge

(800) 363-2154

Sonora Days Inn

(800) 580-4667

Inns Of California SONORA

(800) 251-1538

The Aladdin

(800) 696-3969

Best Western Sonora

(800) 532-1944

Miners Motel


Railtown Motel in Jamestown

(800) 252-8299

Sonora Motel Sonora Motels.